How the Dry-Me Alarm Works

Bedwetting alarms are the safest, most effective bedwetting cure available. Simply clip the sensor to the outside of your child’s underpants, thread the cord beneath his/her shirt and attach it to the alarm unit worn at the shoulder. The-Dry Me’s simple design makes it easy for children to set up the alarm themselves after initial parental instruction.

The alarm is triggered as soon as urination begins, alerting the wearer to get up and use the restroom. This conditioning process teaches your child’s body to respond to the feeling of a full bladder. Your child will either start waking up before urination occurs or the bladder muscles will hold the urine in until morning. Wetting accidents will become less frequent and soon stop altogether.

The length of the bedwetting treatment varies depending on the child, but typically lasts 8-12 weeks. Continue to use the alarm until your child has achieved 14 consecutive days of dryness.

How it works diagram